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miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

J Balvin NEWS J Balvin The Most Nominated at "Premios Nuestra Tierra 2011"

J Balvin is the artist most nominations with a total of ten for this year's edition of PremiosNuestra Tierra.
These are the categories they are nominated:
Best Song of the Year (songwriter) "sin compromiso"
Best Artist of the Year (Artist)
Urban Best Performance of the Year: "sin compromiso"
Solo or Group Best Urban Artist of the Year
Best Music Video for Colombian Artist: "sin compromiso"
Best Performance People: "mi único tesoro" with Johnny Rivera
Best Artist of the Public
Song of the Audience: "Sin Compromiso"
Best Fan Club: "La familia del negocio"
Twitterer of the Year: @ jbalvin - J Balvin y El Negocio


J Balvin is the stage name of Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin. Since very little showed their interest and love of music, in the year 1999 at age 14 is the musical genre of Hip Hop, by marking such that decide to incorporate into your life and start your musical process, which most later joined the reggaeton and R & B, these are different genres, but has something in common which is the expression of feeling, from day to day street life says this, JBalvin. While in this process from various musical sources, JBalvin decided in 2002, throw in the music world finally leaving everything behind. His artistic talent is recognized in Medellin for his fluency in interpreting any kind, and this can assert any per son who he has heard. This singer just 21 years old participated in Freestyle Championships, in which was recognized champion for two consecutive years making it clear that music is your thing, and Reggaeton and Hip Hop are your language. ¨ I think it is very versatile because I can play anything, or I will I measure to what is ¨ ¨ adding talent and born with a perfect practice ¨.

Balvin began his musical career with the CDM Group Crew. Today is part of University Street, (an association of street artists) that in his opinion ¨ This comprised of the best Rap and Reggaeton group in the city of Medellin. Another friend and colleague who helped him since its inception in CDM Crew, and with whom he still maintains a close friendship and working link is Fat Al, a Miami-based Colombian artist, who owes his name · Artistic JBalvin ¨

In 2004, he recorded his first solo song, Panas, a song about friends, with whom enter the world of reggaeton. Today, it has 22 songs in total, ranging from its beginnings to the most recent in 2006, including highlights, Simple and La Playa. Throughout its evolution, he emphasizes, that obviously there are certain leaders by phone that an artist is to go far, but clarifies that he was strongly influenced by American artists of the stature of ¨ ¨ Bone Thugs n Harmony ¨ NAS ¨, ¨ Mos def ¨, and Vico Latin artists like ¨ C ¨ ¨ General ¨, ¨ ¨ and ¨ Angel Lopez Daddy Yankee ¨.

JBalvin leans more towards the composition and interpretation of Reggaeton, as it allows very easy access to the Latin market. HOWEVER, rap is what he likes ¨, "he explains.

Balvin is a character fresh, young and talented that is projected towards a future representative of the Hip Hop and Reggaeton, ¨ No one will do, what you do not do it himself ", is the clause that governs your life, with the
to perform as an artist and person, and thus get his family out and represent Colombia in the field of music.